Be Like Angela

Love it or hate it, fun or mundane, we all have our opinion of going to Costco.  However, I usually leave our Costco here in Bozeman uplifted, happy, and in a good mood.  How??


costcoWhether I have one item, or a full cart, I always look to see if Angela is working the checkout, and get in her line.  I’m not alone, her line usually is the longest…others are looking to have their day improved also.

Angela smiles and makes eye contact with you, and never says the requisite “Did you find everything OK?”, but gives a personal greeting as if she’s known you all her life but hasn’t seen you in a while.  That warms your heart right away.

She is funny, happy, and usually has a comment or suggestion to improve the use of something you are purchasing: “Have you ever tried those with peanut butter? They’re amazing?” or “I love those muffins, but I can’t eat them all before they go bad, so I put some in a zip lock baggie and freeze them, they taste good as new weeks later”. She finds something to compliment, such as your attire, or a purchase choice.

She hands you your receipt and looks you in the eyes and says something endearing, caring, and uplifting…and with an infectious smile.  You leave Costco warmed to the heart, and loving life. I don’t know if she is a Christian, but she sure acts like one is supposed to.

I want to be like Angela.

I want people to want to “get in my line”.  I want to smile when I talk to people. To compliment them, not criticize. I want to warm their heart. I want to improve their day. I want to work on doing those, until it’s natural.

I want to be that way to my family, co-workers, and customers.  I want General Contractors to come to my company with their project instead of a competitor, because the experience is uplifting.

I want to be like Angela.  Will you?

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  1. David Creager

    way to go daughter, I love your attitude. Miss you Lots

    1. Kevin (Post author)

      You raised her well Sir.


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