God’s Reason and Descriptions of Marriage #2

christianmarriage-300x208Marriage is a brilliant and sacred institution designed by God, who gave us His reasons and descriptions for a wonderful marriage. Understanding His reasons and descriptions are important foundations for a godly fantastic marriage which God loves to bless. This is the second reason and description. (Click here for the first reason and description)


Marriage is designed to help each partner not be lonely, to comfort each other in troubled times, help with work, obey God’s commands, be a better person, mature, grow in Christ likeness, and to help each other get through life.

  1. Marriage gives us companionship. Genesis 2:15-24 tells us Adam was working in the garden and realized he was getting lonely working, and needed help. He looked around and could not find anything or anyone suitable to him for companionship, and for help. God said it wasn’t good that man should be alone, and made a helper suitable for Adam. He created woman so man would not be lonely, so he would have companionship, and to help each other get through life, especially getting through the troubled times. Especially after the fall in Genesis 3, where man would be somewhat separated from God, which I think God knew was going to happen.When you are alone, desires and fears most likely to become sin or even idols are more prevalent. Marriage keeps your focus off of yourself and the sinful things you could delve into.
  2. Marriage gives us a helper. In addition to companionship, the Genesis 2:15-24 passage also tells us God designed marriage so Adam could have some help with the work God had him do. Work is a big part of our life, God wants us to work, and our spouse helps us work, and helps us do a good job.
  3. Marriage helps us be like Jesus. God is relationship oriented (Father, Son, Holy Spirit is a relationship) and God wants us to be relationship oriented too with our spouse and family. Ephesians 5:1-2 tells us to be imitators of God and be like Jesus Christ. Marriage is a binding relationship where things go best when we try to be like Jesus: loving, doing, saying, treating others, and handling situations like He did. Reading about Jesus in the New Testament will help you learn about Him, so you can work on being like Him to your spouse.
  4. Marriage enables obedience to some of God’s first commands. Genesis 1:28 commands us to be fruitful (grow, raise, build, make, process, etc.) and multiply (use what we make to make more, bigger, better) , to fill the earth and subdue it (have families and build homes, and spread out over the earth), to have dominion over the earth and all living things (to use what you need, to care for, to protect, and manage wisely).
  5. Marriage provides an intimate partner to comfort us. 2 Corinthians 1:4 says we are to comfort those around us. Comfort means to cause someone to feel less worried, upset, frightened, etc. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone comfort us!? It is just as wonderful to comfort someone you care about!
  6. Marriage keeps your spouse clean and acceptable to God. Ephesians 5:25-26 says a husband is to sanctify (to make holy and acceptable) and cleanse his wife with God’s Word. Scripture is so wonderful, it tells us how to be acceptable to God, and tells us how to be cleansed from the evil, polluted, and sinful things in this world we get dirtied with.

I read through those and I just can’t help but think how wonderful of an idea marriage is when done God’s way. It is such a benefit to each spouse…God is so amazing!


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