Most Pastors do a great job helping men live for the Lord at their job, at home, and being a godly Husband and Dad, but as long as Jesus is the Authority, it’s nice to hear from a Christian man in the workforce too (Mark 9:40)…
-Who has been a Christian for over 50 years.
-Who has had to frame a house with debilitating low back pain, pleading for God’s mercy, grace, and help to make it through the day.
-Who has been to the top of a drilling rig at 40 below zero and 40 mph wind, with a stinger & 6011 rod in one hand, and a rosebud torch in the other praying for God’s help and relying on His strength to get the sheave welded.
-Who has been at a remote job site man-camp surrounded by alcohol and dirty jokes, maintaining godly composure and witness.
-Who has underbid a job, did the work anyway, praying for God’s guidance through threatening back charges.
-Who has learned courage and strength from God, like Joshua, in the face of looming deadlines with liquidated damages.
-Whose only recourse to meet payroll was relying on God’s mercy and grace.
-Who follows God’s design for marriage and obeys God’s commands to husbands and truly enjoys a fantastic and fulfilling marriage many only dream of.
-Who has learned God doesn’t require perfection, but direction, and what that direction is.

That is what this site is, biblical advice from a blue jeans wearing Christian who has “been there”, and grown spiritually from it all. (Romans 8:28-29)

This site launched 1-14-2015  Click here for my core beliefs.


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A bit about me:

  • Been a Christian since December 1965, thanks to God’s grace through Jesus.
  • Been married for 31 years, getting better every year!
  • Been blessed with one Daughter, a Junior in college, & married to a wonderful young man.
  • General Manager and part owner at Montana Steel Industries. have been working there 30 years.
  • Was a welder in the oil fields of Wyoming, and a carpenter building houses in Texas, Colorado, and Wyoming. I built my own house in 2002. I held over 30 different welding certifications.
  • Have a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from LeTourneau University (LeTourneau College then) in Longview, TX, a Christian University.
  • A member of Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, Montana.
  • Lead the New Commandment Men’s Ministry at Grace Bible Church.
  • Teach Adult Sunday School at Grace Bible Church.
  • Have taught small group Bible studies for over 28 years, and have written several studies for small groups and devotionals for men.  I have given seminars, devotionals, and short sermons countless times over the years.
  • My Wife and I serve as marriage counselors.
  • Served two full terms (maximum allowed) as a School Board Member at Heritage Christian School.
  • Author of the book “Qualities of Sound Christian Education”.
  • Author of the blog “Sound Christian Schooling”, and this site too.
  • Agora Strategic Advisor (Advisor and coach to Christian businesses) Click here for more information.


  • Recreational activities I like are mountain biking, hiking, skeet shooting, downhill and cross country skiing.
  • Hobbies I like are reloading and bullet casting, hunting, Bible study & writing men’s devotionals, building and fixing stuff, keeping my 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car running, and several more that may surprise you, but if you ask I’ll tell you, unless you are a “legalist”  😉

Hiking on The Island of Skye, Scotland

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My Family in our back yard in Bozeman, Montana.


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