Be a Log not a Rock.

Do you attend a cold church? Not in Fahrenheit degrees, but can you attend a church service and not speak to another person except for the customary “shake hands with the people around you, or empty “hi, how you doin’?” Can you say you are part of the “unified body of believers” in your church? (to use Christianese language). Our church tends to be cold, and the only way I have found to warm it up is to be a log in the fire, not a rock in the ring.”

Are you a log or rock?

Are you a log or rock?

Unity among believers in the church is so important, the concept shows up in almost all of Paul’s writings in the New Testament. As the early church started about 2,000 years ago a unified body of Christians was essential for survival, growth, ministry to each other and to the world, and to glorify God. It is just as important today.

Even though we Christians are unified around the salvation we have in Jesus, and the hope we share of spending eternity with Him, there is diversity among us believers that Paul explained in 1 Corinthians 12. Those diverse “parts of the body” of believers are divinely intentional for different roles or duties in the church which when all are used, put together one well functioning unified body, ministering to people. We are to embrace those God given differences, and encourage them: for the benefit of others

Today, our society can be characterized as self-centered. Since we Christians are not of this society, but the society of God’s children and Jesus’ “kingdom”, we are to live a more excellent way…to love others. Our culture insists “it is all about me”, which is the opposite of one of the main tenants of true Christianity: “it is all about Christ, and loving others”. Paul, following Jesus’ lead, knew we tend to be self-centered, and wants us to rise above that natural instinct. Show love to others, like Jesus did. It creates unity in the church and may just get back to you too.

When it is “all about me”, there is no unity, when it is all about Christ and loving others, there WILL be unity. God designed the church body of believers to be relational, to help each other, and to grow in Christ. When there’s no unity, divisions occur, and ministry of the church diminishes. Where there IS unity, the ministry of the church flourishes.

This Sunday when you are in church, find someone to show the love of Christ to, and see if it will help create unity in your church. Don’t just say “hi, how are you?”, as a usual form of greeting, actually ask “how ARE you?”, and wait for the response…insist on it.  If you still get just a “I’m fine”, ask “what’s God doing in your life?”, or “What’s one thing I can pray for?” Everyone has an issue they are dealing with, and many want help with it. Mose would appreciate prayer for it.

Make an intentional effort to unify your church. Warm it up, be like a log in the fire, not a rock doing nothing around the ring. Be warm to one person at a time. Showing love like that truly is a more excellent way.

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